Dominique Sanson was born in France in November of 1949, educated in Paris during the student revolution of the late sixties. A philosopher and artist, Dominique longed to be in a land where he could share his thoughts with kindred spirits. The search brought him to Ibiza where he has been living for more than three decades.

A love of reading, preferably history and mysticism greatly influence his work, especially Sufi poems by Rumi and Omar Khayyam as they express pure beauty in life, detaching ones senses by experimenting them fully. However, Dominique’s poetic license has allowed for a less restrictive approach to romance and lust. His dreams are a constant source of inspiration, moving the beholder into another, more beautiful dimension. Dominique evokes a warm feeling of relaxation and tranquillity by his wide palate of colours and a delicate use of the Chiaro-Oscuro, which allows light to shine with force through dark elements.

Dom-sketching-70s-smallerHis paintings are recognised by trademark oriental arches, elaborate interiors with beautiful females reclining on plush furnishings, indulging their fantasies and looking out over incredible sunrises. However in recent years Dominique’s horizons have broadened, taking a more impressionistic approach.2011 red