Human Galaxy

There is a secret door which connects us with other worlds, other dimensions. Esoteric traditions show us the way to this door, taking us beyond the limits of time and space, beyond the limitations of our brain. There are many ways, one for each of us. What is behind that door can be experienced but to explain it in words is impossible. How can one express absolute infinity?

Some lucky people have occasional access to these other dimensions because their pineal gland naturally produces enough DMT to transcend reality. They are the sages and prophets of human history. Others, like shamen, achieve the same with the help of ayahuasca, peyote, LSD and other psychotropic drugs. The mystics use physical and respiratory exercises in their constant process of self-effacement while the yogis, similarly awaken kundalini with tantric methods. Modern science is close to understanding all this intellectually and will eventually contribute to human development and wellbeing.

We all reach the secret door when we discard our human body. But whichever way we follow, there is an ingredient which is absolutely necessary. It is love. Love of life, love of our fellow humans, love of animals, love of nature, love of beauty and harmony, love of God. For what is behind the secret door is God, as understood by all esoteric traditions, infinite, indescribable and the conscience of the quantic theory.

The Human Galaxy is a visual guide that will help bring to attention little known subjects, a map to interconnect seemingly conflictive ideas that underlie the human search for an understanding of life.

The Human Galaxy, Ibiza 2009-2011
By Dominique Sanson (Paris 1949)

The Human Galaxy by Dominique Sanson.